75 minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Gift Voucher



Effective 75 minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Gift Voucher.  This is a special

gift for someone you love who might be living with Lymphoedema, Lipoedema or
persistent Oedema.  This gentle yet effective treatment stimulates the lymphatic system – helping to move fluid away from the swollen area.  It is a very gentle massage that is also calming for the mind and body and the relaxation effect helps the immune system function better. 
People with specific lymphatic dysfunction will benefit from this treatment as part of an ongoing health management  strategy.  Tell them not to schedule anything in after this massage as it is useful to spend some time afterwards resting and elevating the affected limb. 

PLEASE NOTE: The gift voucher will be sent to your address OR you can come in and collect it from 113 Lime Ave, Mildura - just choose the delivery option at checkout.

ALSO - If you would like the gift voucher personalised  - please write the recipients name & the gift givers name in the ADDITIONAL DELIVERY NOTES section at checkout.

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