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Christmas is just around the corner and Gift Vouchers are the perfect present...

Treat your loved one to a gift that will improve their health and well being.

Massage and Relaxation has a number of Gift Voucher options that are available in clinic and in local Aged Care Homes.

To purchase a gift voucher Call Lynne Today on 0407 329 680, email: or drop into 113 Lime Ave Monday to Friday.

The $45 - Top to Toe Xmas Massage Special - 

This special offer includes an indulgent face, head, neck and foot massage.  This would suit any lady that would enjoy the benefit of a 30 minute pampering massage.  

Treat your loved on to a Mindfulness Meditation gift voucher.  

You can pre-purchase the 8 week course for the special price of $235 which is $15 off the 2018 course price

You can purchase the 75 minute Wellness Relaxation Massage for $90 - that's $10 off the normal price.

1 hour - In Clinic - Oncology Massage gift vouchers for $90

Wellness Massage

Oncology Massage

Mindfulness Meditation

Mildura's Wellness, Oncology Massage Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Lynne Morrison - Mildura's only trained Oncology Massage Therapist I provide specialised massage to people being treated for and living with cancer.

Oncology Massage is mindful, intentioned massage that is adapted to suit the needs of and to work safely with the person with cancer.

My signature Wellness massage is a restorative and deeply relaxing massage. Different to ordinary relaxation massage this more gentle massage approach helps your body - at a cellular level- to help itself heal.

Teaching Mindfulness Meditation is a true passion - having practised Mindfulness for years I can attest to it's benefits for reducing stress and anxiety, to quiet the mind and increase a sense of peace and calm.

As a Registered Meditation Teacher with Meditation Australia, I can provide well structured and proven effective Mindfulness Meditation Training.

Massage & Relaxation Solutions is Mildura's Relaxation Specialist.

Reducing stress either through Massage or Mindfulness will greatly enhance your physical and mental well-being. 

Stress, in particular, chronic on-going stress, is as damaging to your physical health as it is to your psychological health.
Relaxation techniques can help reduce the severity of chronic health conditions.
Regular relaxing massage and practicing mindfulness can be your most important health ally.
I can tailor a massage treatment package specific for your needs.
I can teach you how to find ongoing peace, happiness and calm through the practice of Mindfulness Meditation.

Are you experiencing Pain, Fatigue, Stress or Anxiety?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Can't turn off the chatter in your mind?
Are you suffering from sore muscles, pain and discomfort?
Do you have to manage pain daily?
Are you feeling stressed and anxious?
Do you live with chronic health conditions that affect your quality of life?
Do you feel tired and overwhelmed?
Have you tried regular massage but found it too firm or even painful?
Are you looking for ways to unwind and de-stress?
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"I would like to say that since completing Mindfulness Meditation l have become a happier more confident person. Before the course my mind was always full of thoughts. Thoughts that seemed to tumble around in my head, day after day getting bigger all the time. But now l am in control of my thoughts they now flow in and out again. I now accept my thoughts, thats all they are- just thoughts . Now what is important to me is my feelings, like the soft breeze that l feel on my face as l'm walking. The sunshine that brightens my day and and the sounds of birds l hear . So many more feelings in life are more Important to me now. Would highly recommend this course for anyone .
Thank you Lynne, for giving me the opportunity to complete your class.
Yours sincerely."

Patsy Miller